Fruit Connect GamePlay:

Fruit Connect is an enjoyable puzzle game that helps you relax after a hard-working or studying day. Here, you have to clear all the tiles on the gameboard by finding the matching pairs. This Y8 Y8 game offers 9 levels with increasing difficulty levels. You have to follow the rules to remove pairs of the same fruit, vegetable, and flower. You can only choose a pair of the same tiles if they are free on at least one side. Plus, the line that connects 2 tiles can’t run through any other tiles.

It means there should be no tiles between two identical tiles. You have a limited time to finish each level. When you can’t find any pairs of the same tiles by yourself, you can use hints and hints are unlimited. When there is no pair on the gameboard, all the tiles will be shuffled. In the first level, all the tiles stay still after you remove a pair. However, in the later levels, the tiles will move in a different pattern as a pair of tiles is removed.

This movement will change the current position of the tiles and some pairs that were originally discardable become non-discardable. The games are about removing all the cards by pairing the same ones at https://y8y8y8.games/, you only need good eyesight to play. Kids can enjoy this kind of game as well. They can improve their recognition ability and learn about different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

New tiles will appear as you level up and this only makes the game refreshing without making it hard for you. The movement of the tiles after a pair is removed is a challenging factor. Enjoy your day and make sure you check out the following options: Curvy Road and 4 Colors Classic.

How to play: Tap or click on a pair to remove it.

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