Dino Fun Adventure GamePlay:

Dino Fun Adventure is a great combination of the adventure game and platform game in which you help a dino go through the jungle, desert, and the winter environment without getting hurt. This adventure has a lot of fun and danger as well. Here at y8 boys games, you start from the starting point and try your best to go to the finish point with as many Dino eggs as possible. That's right. You must collect dino eggs along the way.

However, you have to be careful because you will deal with some kinds of dinos along the way and they will hurt you. They look friendly but not. This game will bring the memory about the legend game called Super Mario back to you due to its gameplay. It has quite similar gameplay to Super Mario as you have to break the bricks with your head to collect dino eggs. If you see any golden eggs beside the normal ones, don't hesitate to collect it.

Each stage has 3 huge golden eggs and you have to collect all of thems to finish the current stage and unlock the next one. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have only 3 lives and you can't earn any extra lives during the adventure. It means when 3 lives run out, you lose and you have to start your adventure from the beginning.

With some enemies, you have to dodge them but you also can jump on some enemies to gain points and kill them. You don't have to finish each stage with a given amount of time so it's better to discover every corner and collect every single egg. Make sure you try other games on our site such as Rabbit Ben and Tangram Puzzle.

How to play:

Use your arrow key to control the dino.

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