Noob Fall GamePlay:

How many games about Noob have you ever played at https://y8y8y8.games/? A lot, right? Now, let’s welcome a new addition called Noob Fall. Here, you will help Noob descend from a great height to the finish line to escape from the police. The way Noob descends through a narrow tunnel full of deadly traps is unusual. He will use a special tool with two suction cups. You can call them toilet plungers.

When you press the left mouse, the toilet plungers will stick to the wall and when you release your hands, toilet plungers will be released and Noob will fall freely. You have to time your action to make Noob stop from time to time without hitting any obstacles on the way down. If he stops right at any obstacle, he will explore and fall. It means you have to restart that level. One level is considered complete when Noob stops right at the finish line. Keep it in mind.

While playing this Y8 player game, you may mistakenly think that just helping Noob overcome all obstacles and land safely is to complete the mission. When you let Noob falls, he won’t land but lose his life. One more thing you should notice is collecting stars. Stars are used to unlock new characters but don’t put too much attention on collecting stars. You will make mistakes. Just leave them behind because you have so many chances to get those stars later on.

Do not care about the stars that can put you at risk. Leave some stars behind and it’s fine. It’s better to keep Noob safe first. Be careful and have fun. Here are some games that you might be fond of: Prison Rush and Noob vs Zombies

Controls: Mouse.