Angry Among Us imposter GamePlay:

Have you ever played Angry Birds? It’s such a famous game, so you’re sure to play it at least, aren’t you? Here at Y8y8, you will have a chance to experience a game that has the same gameplay but with a twist. It’s quite unique. Unlike other games of the same genre where you have a certain number of angry birds or someone like that to defeat enemies. Instead, you have 100 moves for 20 levels in this game. It means you have to save your moves.

Try to use as few moves as possible at the very first levels. Then, you have enough moves for the later stages. As you level up, you deal with more challenging missions. You find it harder to kill all enemies. Therefore, you need more moves to complete the mission. If you use too many moves at the beginning, you don’t have enough moves for more challenging levels.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, the best tip is to aim and launch the angry imposter accurately to save your moves. Enemies can stand anywhere and you have to locate them and adjust your launch force carefully so that you can one-shot one kill. You’re free to launch the imposter in any direction as soon as you reach your goal at each level. You can’t reset your moves. You just can restart the game with 100 moves once you run out of all moves in the current playing time.

That is the special thing about this game and set it apart from other choices out there. You may fail several times. You may not be able to send the imposter to the destination that you want. Don’t give up easily. Just keep trying and enjoy your free time in many fun games such as Slime Arrows and Bullet Bender 3d.

How to play: Mouse to aim and left mouse to launch.