FlapCat Christmas GamePlay:

Another version of Flappy Birds just arrives at Y8 Online. This time, you won’t help a ball, a bird or a fish go through tons of pipes. Instead, you have to help Flap Cat – Santa Clause and his reindeers go as far as you can. As you may know, how to play this game because you have played Flappy Birds before, this game is about competing against gravity. Yes, gravity is your enemy.

Santa Claus and 2 reindeers are always coming up and going down. You have to get the timing for your action to get them through the pipes without touching them. Just one of them hits the pipes, your journey ends there. After a pipe is another pipe and you need to time and master your taps to go through the pipes successfully. On https://y8y8y8.games/, learning how to recover the rhythm quickly after you rise and fall to the right height for the pipe is also important. Tap, double-tap, a pause needs to be used at the right time.

This game can drive you crazy because it’s too hard to handle. You may feel your blood pressure rising after only a few minutes, even a few seconds. Get a point is easy but get a high point is challenging. You may die right away from the moment you find your way through the first pipe. This is a game that will make you give up immediately or rush into playing until you reach an achievement that satisfies you.

Promise not to break your device while playing this game. Just kidding! If you stress out because of this game, try to relax with other choices such as Subaway Run and Among Ball : Bounce Ball

How to play: Tap or click.

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