Aquarium Farm GamePlay:

Hi guy! These little fishes need your care. They are your pet and you have to take care of every aspect of their lives. Once adopted, it is your responsibility to take good care of them. It’s time to explore a cool experience in Aquarium Farm at y8 kids games. This game requires you to complete 3 missions including decorating the fish tank, cleaning the fish tank, and curing them.

Choose 1 among 3 missions to play first. It’s all up to you. In the decorating part, you buy more fish and drop them into your fish tank if you have enough money. There are many different types of fish here, so don't pick just one, make your aquarium diverse and colorful. On the cleaning part, the fish tank becomes dirty over time, you have to change the water and create a clean living environment for them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you need to move the fish to another small tank to clean the main tank, scoop out all the dirty water and sand. And bring all the fish back to their house. Your second mission is done here. Finally, check the health status of your fish. A fish got a cold and a fish is hurt. Cure them before it’s too late. You can unlock new fish by watching videos.

If you have time, just unlock other fish to have more choices for your tank. You are a good owner and you can take care of them well. Have fun and join other adventures on more games such as Tom Runner and Snake Challenge.


Use your mouse to finish all missions.

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