Farm Dice Race GamePlay:

Farm Dice Race is not a car racing game or farm simulator game but it still gives you a thrilling and enjoyable experience that you have while playing such a game. Here at Y8 com 2 players, it’s a dice race where you compete against a virtual player or one of your friends to see who reaches the top first in a chessboard with 81 tiles. Your ultimate goal is to be the first one who reaches tile 81.

All you need to do is to roll the dice and see how your luck is good or bad. Some tiles are dangerous. These tiles have bombs. Once you roll the dice and reach one of those tiles, you’re blown up and lose a life. Some tiles give you more lives. Some help you progress faster and some make you fall behind. Yes, this game is not about skill but about luck.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, there will be times when you have reached the top rows but with one unlucky roll of the dice, you can fall behind or lose your life. In each match, you and your opponent are given 2 lives. As mentioned above, you can earn more lives or lose a life if you reach the tiles that have a bomb. Like other games that offer 2-player mode, you can play this game with your friend and you will have a more enjoyable experience. The race becomes more competitive. Who is the lucky guy and who is the unlucky guy?

Let’s start rolling the dice when your turn comes and let’s see where it takes you. Have fun and enjoy your time in other awesome games such as Big Must Jump and Little Broccoli.

How to play: Mouse to roll the dice.

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