Big Must Jump GamePlay:

Big Must Jump is another endless jumper game that you can play for free anytime along with many exciting games at Y8 games online. This one is different from other choices of the same genre. You will meet 2 cubes that have different sizes. One is big and one is small. One appears from the left side and one appears from the right side. They will face each other in the middle and the big one must jump over the right one, so both of them can keep continuing their journey.

The problem is that both of them are controllable while you just need to control the big one. Then, don’t make any mistakes because if the big one hits the small one, you fail. Each time the big one jumps over the small one successfully, you get 1 point. The big cube will appear from an unpredictable side. You have to stay focus on not choosing the wrong one.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, you have to time your tap or click to make sure that the big cube won’t land on the top of the small one. It’s quite challenging though because the jumping and landing speed of your character is quite slow. You may find yourself in some situation where you think you are successful but it ends up not going the way you expected. It seems to be an easy game but in fact, it’s not.

It even becomes harder as you progress because those cubes will move faster. Be ready to deal with upcoming challenges. Have fun and check out other great options such as Little Broccoli and Stone Smacker.

Instructions: Tap or click to jump.

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