Chicken Jump GamePlay:

Chicken Jump is a challenging and entertaining platform game that you can play for free at ygames8 You play as a brave chicken knight and embark an adventure filled with dangers and obstacles through 12 levels to find out what needs to be found out at the final stage. You are a knight but you don’t have a sword or any weapon. Your character auto moves and your mission is to click or tap at the right time to help him avoid all obstacles.

You have only one life in each level. So, try to be careful and observe the surrounding environment to figure out the dangers. If you crash into them, you know that you have to play that current level once again. Basically, you make your lovely chicken walk in the normal path and an upside-down path to dodge all spike platforms. If you don’t switch between 2 paths in time, your chicken will fall down or fly out of the screen.

At the end of each level, you walk through a door to unlock the next stage. This game focuses on timing. It means you should time your action quickly to keep your life safe. Because you can’t control the moving speed or other aspects of your character on y8 games unblocked, so you have to pay attention to the obstacles around you. They seem to hide in the environment due to its color seems to be similar to objects around.

You will find it hard to determine the obstacles. Complete this adventure and discover other ones in other games such as Cowboy Runner and  Run Little Dragon


Click or tap to play.

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