Dogecoin Yolo 3D GamePlay:

Dogecoin Yolo 3D is about one of the most popular digital coins today. However, you won’t have to do anything related to investment like sell and buy at all. It’s simply about collecting green numbers to multiply your coins. At Y8 free games, you control a character from Among Us who is standing on a giant coin to collect the green numbers. These green numbers will double, triple, or even multiply your coins by 8.

When you collect a green number, your character will go up, and while going up and you click or tap to make it go down and collect other green numbers or dodge the numbers. The red numbers will make you go down and reduce your money according to the values you get. Different from the green numbers, while you go down, you can not go up until it fully drops according to the value of the red number you collect.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, each number requires you to meet a certain amount of number. If you meet that requirement and you reach the finish line, you can move to the next level and keep doing the same mission with another milestone of money. Instead of surfing in surfing spots, you surf on a coin. It will bring you a unique experience when you go up and go down as you deal with waves in the sea. You may have a huge amount of money until you get a red one that makes you drop at the end of your surfing journey.

As a result, you can’t finish that mission. So be careful all the time. After being tired of numbers, you can explore other fun games such as Funny Camping Day and Jump Jelly Jump!.

Instructions: Tap or click to play.