Break n Bounce GamePlay:

Break n Bounce is a fun brick-breaker game with something more enjoyable and addicting than the classic option. The gameplay is the same but you still find something different here. Instead of using a pad to make the ball bounce off and go straight to the target like other Y8y8y8 brick-breaker games, you have a cannon placed at the bottom of the screen. Your kingdom is about being invaded by skull enemies. You are the only hope who can stop enemies with your shooting skills.

All you need to do is to shoot the balls at the skull blocks to break them. Each level requires you to defeat a certain number of waves of enemies. At first, you have only one ball. You can get more balls by shooting at the ball that comes along with the skull enemies. Each skull block has a number on it. That number is equivalent to the number of balls. The balls can bounce off and reduce the number of several blocks. A level is complete only when you defeat all waves of enemies. You have a certain number of health points. If any skull blocks reach the bottom, you will lose a certain number of health points equivalent to the number on that block.

The big boss is the one who has the biggest number and when you shoot at the boss, some minions will pop up from it. It can be a fierce battle where you will be the loser. Clearing a level gives you some coins and you can use coins to upgrade your Shield, Pointer, and Balls. Keep upgrading whenever you can, so you will able to deal with enemies in later levels. Have fun and enjoy other cool games such as Cargo Ship and Animal Run.

Controls: Mouse.

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