Captain Gold GamePlay:

Perhaps you are too familiar with the gold-mining gameplay and you don’t want to experience it anymore. However, there is something different in Captain Gold that you must check out. It’s not about classic gold-mining mechanics that you have tried before. Here, instead of using a claw to grab gold or digging into the ground deeply, you will throw your axes at gems to get them. The gems are rotating in the air and each level requires you to collect every single gem with as few throws as possible.

You have 3 times to throw in each level and if you leave even a gem behind while you run out of axes, you have to start from the first level instead of the current level. Time is unlimited. So, take your time and wait until the gems rotate and most gems form a vertical line, then time your click or tap to collect all the treasures. In the classic version that you can also play it at kids games, you don’t want to grab stones and other worthless items, do you? Here, you have to get them all. Gems are not your first priority. Collecting only gems doesn’t help you to pass a level.

However, by collecting all the objects in the air including gems and stones, you can move to the next level. Your axes stay still in the middle of the bottom. You can’t move them to the left or right. The axes will fly straight to the target. You can’t change its direction. This makes the game more challenging as well as engaging. Have a happy working time! Hone your skills with other Y8y8y8 online games such as Snake Blockade and Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon. New games are coming on their way. Come back and check them out.

Instructions: Left-mouse.

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