Super Oscar GamePlay:

Platformer games are always the most-played genres on y8 games for boys. This genre is very popular and many players love to play them. Also, many players look for a new choice each day. This time, let us introduce to you a new option called Super Oscar. The game is about the adventure of a boy named Oscar. Your ultimate objective here is to complete each level with at least one star. The game has so many awesome features including over 35 levels full of fun and challenges, more than 50 enemies to deal with, 4 different characters to unlock, and more.

As you advance, you discover more interesting features of this game. So, let’s enjoy and explore everything waiting for you ahead. At http://y8y8y8.games/, the gameplay of this game is similar to the famous Super Mario in which you jump to break the bricks to collect power-ups that help you defeat enemies or protect you from dangers as well as collect golden coins. Yes, you will find some familiar features here that recall your memories of the classic Super Mario game.

However, it’s not easy at all. You easily lose your life when you fall into the gaps or touch your enemies because you have only one life in each level. You can’t earn more lives during the game. So make sure you take action carefully. When you meet any enemies, you can jump over them to avoid them or use your powers to kill them before they kill you. As you level up, your adventure becomes more challenging.

Get ready to face different challenges. They make you sweat a lot but also give you a lot of fun. Enjoy and check out Hanger 2 and Family Relics whenever you have time.


Arrow keys to move

Z to attack enemies

Space to jump.

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