Crime Moto Racer GamePlay:

Crime Moto Racer is an incredible racing game in which you will have a chance to satisfy your need for speed. Here at Y8 games 2 player, you will drive your motorbike on the fairly busy tracks at night or on sunny and rainy days. You can choose from 3 modes including One Way, Two Way, and Time Attack. Basically, your main objective in the 3 modes is the same. In the One Way and Two Way mode, there is no time-limited.

Then, the game ends when you crash into the barriers or vehicles. Time Attack mode requires you to go as far as possible within a given time. Driving on a sunny day is much easier than driving at night and on a rainy day. You can control your motorbike the way you want. Slow down, speed up, move to the left or move to the right as soon as you keep yourself safe from all obstacles and vehicles. In all racing games at https://y8y8y8.games/, driving a motorbike or a car at a high speed always bring you satisfaction.

However, it puts you at risk. If you do not react in time, you will cause an unexpected accident. The farther you go, the more money you earn. With money, you can buy cooler motorbikes and enjoy something much more amazing on the street. Have as many near misses as you can to earn extra money. Enjoy it and be careful on the street. Watch out for the vehicles moving on the street as well as the barriers.

Remember that you may be safe when you crash into one or two obstacles but if you crash into a vehicle, you have to restart. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Count Speed 3D and Biker Battle 3D

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to brake, and left Shift to use nitro.

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