GP Moto Racing 2 GamePlay:

Car racing games, motorbike racing games, or bike racing games, all are fun and suitable for those who love speed. Here at Y8y8 games, GP Moto Racing 2 is here waiting for you to check out. If the first installment is already fun and interesting, the second one is much better. This latest racing game has 2 modes with 10 levels in each mode.

Race Mode is the classic one where you race again other racers and you have to be the first one who reaches the finish line to enter the next round. You have to make use of speed and your driving skills to win over your opponents. Take any chances to leave other racers behind and don’t give your opponent any chances to do it. In Time Attack Mode on http://y8y8y8.games/, your rival is time. However, each level doesn’t require you to reach the finish line within a certain amount of time, but just drive as fast as possible to reach the goal in the shortest time.

In both modes, you have to master the speed to success. Slow down and speed up at the right time to go through the curves and avoid accidents. During the racing, sometimes, you should look at the mini-map on the bottom left of the screen to see how the track looks like. This helps you handle the situation better.

The racing track becomes more complex. However, the more challenging each race, the more interesting you have. Break a leg and enjoy your time here. Besides, other games are worth playing as well such as Zombie Drift and Desert Road.

How to play: Control your motorbike with arrow keys.

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