Zombie Drift GamePlay:

Let's forget about the long racing track or driving freely around the city and jump right into a small map, then start drifting to crash every single zombie and crush all pumpkins along the way in Zombie Drift. Play this game and tons of other fun games for free at Y8y8. You should know that this game looks simple and easy but it's insanely challenging. Your car auto-moves.

What is under your control is drift. You have to drift at the right moment to approach your targets and avoid hitting the walls and obstacles. If you hit these obstacles, your car explodes. You will see a locked tiny room on the map. That is where you have to go and it's only opened once you finish all zombies and break all pumpkins. Interestingly, if you crash everything on the map, but you fail to park your car in the targeted slot, you still lose.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you don't have any weapons but you are still able to win if you're skillful enough. Don't give up if you fail several times before you can reach your goal at any certain level. As mentioned above, it's extremely hard because the driving area is small while so many obstacles are there to take your life.

Furthermore, you don't have any power-ups to help you simplify your mission. You have to show off your drift skills and prove that you are a drift killer to beat all levels and show who the real boss is. When you finish a level, you earn coins used to buy new cars in the shop. Deal with the challenges and enjoy your time here and in other interesting games such as Desert Road and Smart City Driver.

How to play: Arrow keys to control your car.

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