Apocalypse Moto GamePlay:

Apocalypse Moto is a fun moto driving game where you have to roam around with your motorbike in a world filled will zombies. At Y8 games, drive through the night, you have to crash every single zombie you meet on the way before they have any chance to break your moto and take your life. The challenging part is that you have to keep balance. Go through the ramp and your motorbike easily flip over. You have a limited HP. Your journey ends when your HP bar is empty. Your HP decreases because of zombies and accidents that you cause.

In a total of 30 levels, you have to show off your driving skills to reach the finish line. If there is any level that you can’t pass on the first try, you can keep trying until you succeed. Like other games that you have enjoyed on http://y8y8y8.games/, the difficulty level keeps increasing. The distance from the starting line to the finish line seems to be longer and more difficult. The longer path means you have more time to enjoy the game.

Besides crashing all zombies, you also collect coins. Coins are used to unlock new motorbikes. Furthermore, when you flip, you also get an extra. The best moment to flip is when you go through a ramp. You will have the momentum to flip. You do not need to flip. Just make it when you’re ready. How much time do you need to finish a level?

Check it out and set your own record. Once you conquer all 30 levels, you can play once again from level 1 to break the record that you set in the previous time you play. Enjoy and have a look at other games such as Wheelie Biker and Tiny Cars.


AD or left/right arrows to control your motorbike. W or up arrow to jump.

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