Wheelie Biker GamePlay:

Wheelie Biker is a fun driving game in which you don't drive your hot sports car but a cute bicycle. Your main objective is to pass the finish line without crashing. However, reaching the finish line doesn't mean you succeed. Here at y8 skill games, do you see a bar on the top of the screen? It's a wheelie meter that you have to fill before you reach the finish line.

To fill that bar, you have to cycle on once cycle. The key to win is to keep balancing. The distance from the starting point to the endpoint is quite short. Then, you should cycle on one wheel almost the entire time. Failure and playing a certain level several times are unavoidable. You are sure to play some levels several times until you complete each of them. Besides, you don't have any helps or power-up items in this game.

All you have to finish the current level and unlock the next one is your skills. On http://y8y8y8.games/, by playing once or twice again, you will know how far it is from the starting point to the endpoint. Then, from that, you can adjust your action with the distance properly. There are 50 challenging levels for you to beat and with each success, you are rewarded with coins and use these coins to unlock more than 20 new bikes in the shop.

Show off your cycling skills and take advantage of your skills to cycle through a series of exciting levels while enjoying the process. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing choices such as Tiny Cars and Apocalypse Truck.


Arrow keys to cycle.

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