Freaky Monster Rush GamePlay:

Freaky Monster Rush is one of the latest casual games at https://y8y8y8.games/ that promises to bring you joy and an unforgettable gaming experience. Here, you can transform into a freaky monster. You automatically run forward and you have to maneuver along the road and run through the portals with a body part on them. Do you see the difference between those portals? They have different colors.

The right portal to choose is the green one. If you run through the green portals, you will get a body part of the monster. If you run through the red portals, you will lose the body parts that are also on those portals. Before you reach the final destination, you will deal with a lot of men. When you come close to them, they will approach you and try to attack you. That’s why you have to maneuver to avoid them just like any obstacles you face. Do you see a bar above your head?

It is your HP. If you get attacked or hit any traps, you lose some HP. To always stay strong and healthy in this Y8free games game, you have to collect as many energy bars as possible. If you have transformed into a monster successfully but you have only a few HP, you can’t deal with the giant monsters at the end of each level. To win over your rivals, you need to beat them as fast as possible. Agility plays an important role in winning.

Being faster than your rival and you can push your rival into the black hole, and move to the next stage. Have fun and enjoy more unforgettable gaming time with other enjoyable games such as Food Gang Run and 2048 ABC Runner

Instructions: Mouse.

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