Gold Coast GamePlay:

Gold Coast will recall your memory of Gold Miner if you have played that famous game before. It brings you to a beautiful beach and you have something on the coast. Yes, your mission at y8free games is to collect all kinds of minerals such as diamonds, gold, silver, and bags full of bonuses. You don’t have to dig. You just need to release the claw at the right time to collect the minerals. However, not only minerals but also rocks, fossils, and even dynamites in the ground. You shouldn’t collect them because they have low values and you may have to waste a lot of time to collect it.

In each level, you have 60 seconds to collect the required numbers of money. It means the minerals that you collect will be converted to money. You will complete the mission at the current level if you meet the requirement. On http://y8y8y8.games/, make sure you keep collecting the precious minerals even you reach the goal because the amount of money you have to earn in the next level will be higher.

Besides, as you level you, you find it harder to collect the precious minerals because many obstacles will appear. However, you can buy some useful stuff in the shop to help you work more effectively. For example, you can buy dynamites to blow up the heavy stone that you grab by accident. You should buy the items that you think it’s useful the most. Buy too many and you hardly meet the goal in the next stage. Don’t waste your money.

The same gameplay with Gold Miner but this game has its own features to keep you hooked. Both the gameplay and the visuals are great. Have a nice mining trip and check out other games such as Save The Girl 2 and Zipline Rescue.

How to play:

Use your mouse to collect the precious minerals.

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