Guardians of Gold GamePlay:

If you are looking for an addicting yet challenging game that tests your skills, Guardians of Gold is one of the best options that you should give a try. Your ultimate goal is to pass the gold to your fellow miners and steal the gold right under the guards’ noses. Here are the rules. It’s simple to understand. Firstly, you pass the gold from the first miner and avoid getting caught by the guard’' radar. Secondly, you pass the gold and bury it in the hole within 25 seconds. Thirdly, do not pass the gold to the guards.

Finally, you get special powers after every 60 scores. For example, you can use Time Freeze to freeze the time for 5 seconds. Take advantage of those power-ups to complete your mission. Easier said than done. The guards are insanely cautious or wary. They won’t let you steal the gold easily. You have to take action quickly and accurately to pass the gold. Right after your first move, the guard can notice and smell your action. The mission fails when a guard catches your action. As you level up, it becomes harder to steal the gold because more guards are sent to protect it.

The difficulty won’t be the same from the beginning to the final. You will have to be twice as fast as the first levels of this Y8y8y8 puzzle game. You can’t guess what happens and what awaits you ahead but you should expect something exciting and challenging coming. Do you want to test your brain with something like this game? At kids games, you can find tons of brain teasers such as Nail Salon 3D and Tower Match.

Instructions: Mouse.

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