Candy Crusher GamePlay:

Normally, a match-3 puzzle game challenges players with many levels with a certain mission in each stage. Candy Crusher brings to you something that is both similar and different. You figure out the similarities and the differences if you have played several match-3 puzzles at Y8 online games. The similarity between them is what you have to do. Specifically, you make a group of more than 3 identical items in a line to remove them from the gameboard.

If you match 4 items, you get a striped item that can eliminate a row or a column depending on the strips. If you match t-shaped identical items, you get a bomb that can make all items around it explode. If you make a group of 5 items in a line, you get a special item that can remove all items of the same kinds when you swap it with and around. The difference is that the game has only one level and you have only 65 moves.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, this game aims to challenge you to achieve the highest score possible in just 65 moves. Yes, there is no specific mission at a level. Your ultimate goal is to get as many scores as you can with 65 moves and break the record each time you play. Try to match groups of more than 4 items to create power-ups and you will get more combos and points. You should take advantage of those power-ups and don’t forget to swap any 2 power-ups.

Something magical will happen and brings you a great benefit. Hope you love it and let’s take a look at other fun games such as Red Man Imposter and Airplane Puzzles.


Use your mouse to swap 2 items.

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