Cake &Candy Business Tycoon GamePlay:

Cake & Candy Business Tycoon is a fun business simulator game that just arrives y8y8y8.games in which you will have a chance to start your own business. Your main goal is to grow a small production to a giant candy factory. Show off your management skills to manage all the production lines. In the beginning, you have to do everything by yourself. You sell products to earn money, then upgrade process lines, trucks, cashiers, expand the stores, open new factories, and so on.

The more upgrades you buy, the more products you produce and the more money you earn. Later on, you can hire managers who will be in charge of coordinating and managing the production and purchasing activities for you. At that time, you don’t have to do anything except for making decisions about expanding production. Level up your factory to get rewards: a huge amount of money. Each reward from level up is enough for you to buy several upgrades and even unlock new factories.

There are 6 factories in total. In this Y8y8 game, besides focusing on production activities, you also need to pay attention to sales activities. Upgrade the cashiers to attract more customers and sell faster. Keep track of the number of products available and satisfy the requirements of consumers. If they don’t find what they want to buy, they will leave the store with an unhappy face, then they will never come back again.

You need to spend time and effort to grow your business and turn a small business into a giant enterprise. Have a happy working experience and enjoy your time in other fun games such as Yummy Super Burger and Dream Chefs

Instructions: Mouse to play.

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