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Who doesn’t like burgers? You love burgers, don’t you? Amazingly, you also own a burger vendor. It’s called Yummy Super Burger and people in the town obsess with the burgers that you make by yourself. At Y8 cooking, let’s welcome a new day and you have to prepare everything to sever the delicious burgers to your customers. In this cooking game, you have to complete 4 stages with 10 missions. You have to finish each of them within a certain amount of time.

First of all, you have to cut the right bread. Do not care about the ruined bread. Secondly, you have to wash vegetables and remove the ruined ones. Your third mission is to make patties by mixing minced beef with some spices. Next, you melt the butter to make onion sauce and make your one-of-a-kind sauce which makes the customers fall in love with your burger. Now, when every ingredient is ready, you arrange the burger selling’s need and clean the grill. It looks that you forgot to clean it yesterday. You can’t cook patties on that uncleaned grill.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, it’s time to welcome your first customer. Listen to what they order and make the burger as required. Make sure you don’t forget any ingredients and don’t burn the bread and patty. If you burn them by accident, just throw the burned ones into the trash can. Make a yummy burger as fast as you can and serve your customers on time. That’s it.

This game is a perfect choice for kids because it offers on-screen instructions for kids to follow and get the burgers ready to sell. Enjoy and the following options are also awesome to play: Dream Chefs and Papa Cherry Saga. Give them a try.

Instructions: Use your mouse to make burgers.

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