Papa Cherry Saga GamePlay:

Papa Cherry Saga is a perfect match-3 puzzle game for a real sweet tooth. It brings you to the world of sweets, cookies, and more. At y8y8 match3 games, you can taste the sweetness of different types of snacks as you conquer each level in the journey to this wonderful country. You may see several games that the same concept but this game is sure to offer you a different gaming experience.

Using the same concept doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything special and unique of its own. Have a look at each level and you will find out the impression of it. So, like other match-3 puzzles, you swap 2 items to make a group of more than 3 identical items to collect it within a given move. You have to fulfill the requirement of each level by using as few moves as you can. Then the leftover moves will turn into special items that give you more points.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, with 4 identical items, you get a striped one that eliminates one row or column. You can also create a bomb to blow up all items around it or a special power-up to help you collect all items on the gameboard when you swap the position of it with that item. These power-ups are so powerful and useful. Create as many of them as possible to complete each level faster. Besides, as you advance, you deal with some obstacles such as chocolate blocks or marshmallows trying to stop you. You have to clear them before you can keep collecting sweet treats.

Hope you have a great time in this lovely match-3 puzzle. Besides, why don’t you try other choices of games such as Ski Xmas and Christmas Gift Line?


Use your mouse to play the match-3 puzzle.

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