BFF Art Class GamePlay:

BFF Art Class is one of the best girl games about make-up and dress-up that you can play for free anytime you want. Our lovely girl in this game will have an art class very soon and she and her best friends talked about how they dress and do make-up. Your main objective here is to help this girl get well-prepared and go to class on time. First of all, after waking up, she is not in the mood. To boost her up, you have to find all the red hearts in her room. Click on every single red heart until her mood bar is filled.

Ignore the purple hearts because if you get those hearts, she can’t be happy. After clearing the first mission, it’s time to take care of her skin and do an awesome make-up look for her. Make her skin moist with a mineral spray and essence. Her skin is now flawless. You can choose for her a stylist make-up look. Like other make-up games, make sure that the color of her lips, eyebrows, and cheeks are matching. Otherwise, she will look so weird. Make-up is done.

Now, let’s pick a fashionable but reasonable for art class. Something looks fresh, suits her, and is also perfect for school. Her wardrobe is filled with clothes. Show off your sense of fashion and mix and match to turn her into a stunning girl. Don’t forget to change her hairstyle. Each time you start the game, you can try a different option of outfit and make-up look. Enjoy your time here and make sure you check out other fun games such as My Unique Prom Look and Bff Christmas Cookie Challenge

Instructions: Mouse.

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