Rainbow Rocket Ninja GamePlay:

Rainbow Rocket Ninja is one of the amazing games at y8y8y8 that you don’t want to miss. Why? Because you will play as a rocket ninja. Why do people call you a rocket ninja? Well, simply because you flash toward your enemy at full speed like a rocket and kill several of them at once. Here, instead of aiming and shooting to defeat the target, you will draw a line that goes through every single enemy in each level. That line goes from your character to each target.

After you finish drawing, your character will flash along that line to each target. If you draw a perfect line, your ninja can kill all enemies on a level. If you draw something imperfectly, your ninja can hit an obstacle and die. Keep in mind that you can draw one line on each level. Sometimes, you won’t kill enemies directly but use some objects to take enemies’ life. The mission is incomplete when your ninja crashes into an obstacle or when you can’t kill all enemies with one slash. You also collect coins while killing enemies.

Coins are used to unlock new skins for your ninja and buy new weapons. This game offers 20 levels and as you may know, the challenging level increases as you advance. It also means that the first level is the easiest one and the lastest level is the most challenging one. If you fail, just restart that level and try to draw more perfectly and accurately. Make use of the deadly traps or objects on each level to defeat your rivals faster. Enjoy your time here and in other fun games such as Space Conflict and Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Ice Temple

How to play: Mouse.

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