Ninja Runs 3D GamePlay:

Ninja Runs 3D is a fun running game in which you control your character to run and compete against other ninjas in a running competition. You know what ninjas will not run like normal athletes run. They neither run on flat roads nor run on straight roads. They run in places that look like mazes.

Here at http://y8y8y8.games/, 5 ninjas compete against each other. You not only have to run as fast as possible but also jump over the obstacles. If you fail when dealing with any of them, your opponents will get that chance to pass you and leave you behind. The running speed of 5 ninjas is the same, so how can you beat over your opponents?

Well, you also have to take advantage of the moment at every turn, every time you jump on a wall and overcome obstacles on y8 two player. If you make the most of those times, you can rise to the top or be left behind. After each round, the ninja who is the last one reaches the finish line will be disqualified. The rest will continue to compete in the next round and keep continuing until the final winner is found out. You can be the winner in this round but you can be the loser in the next round. There is no guarantee of your winning position.

It all depends on your ability and the unlucky of other opponents. The more you play the more experience you have to handle the situations. So good luck and be the fastest ninja in the work. Check out other options such as Break The Snowman Xmas and Jingle Jetpack


Click to jump and take action.

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