Groovy Ski GamePlay:

Using your skis to glide on snow as the best skier in the world. However, you may have never seen the slopes like this before. It’s dangerous and required you to take full advantage of your reaction skills. Otherwise, you easily fall. Groovy Ski brings you to the most dangerous slopes ever. You have to ski in a zig-zag way. Change your direction smoothly to avoid crashing into the fences.

Here at y8 games unblocked, this is a kind of endless runner in which you go as far as you can the earn the highest score. Your main objective is simple like that but it’s simple to fulfill. You have to tap or click at the right time to help your lovely skier change his direction and bank around the corners without hitting the fence. The way is narrow and has zig-zag shape required player carefully maneuver through it. Along the way, you also have to collect coins to unlock other interesting features in the game.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you should expect that more challenges will appear as you process. For example, mighty yeti, deadly snowball or abominable snowman will try to stop you. Dodge them at all costs and keep dashing through the snow, enjoy the speed and the cold wind blow. If you are fond of dealing with challenges and feel like you get a big achievement whenever you overcome one of them, you should try this game at least once.

After the first trying, you can wait to keep conquering the better result for sure. What is your best score? Play with your friends to have more fun and enjoy other games such as Rescue Of Titans and Halloween Hit


Tap or click to change the direction.

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