Ice Breaker GamePlay:

Ice Breaker is one of the must-play games that you should try at least once. Why? Because it has awesome features, addicting gameplay, and easy controls. Here, you are a pirate and your aim is to conquer seven seas. To make this dream come true, you have to shoot down all enemies and destroy their ships. Nothing can stop you if you have a strong ship, courage, and dream. So, move ahead and break all boxes floating on the water to advance. Do you see a bar with 3 milestones at the top of the screen?

You destroy the boxes to reach each milestone. In each milestone, you face a pirate ship and if you can destroy that ship, you can get one upgrade that makes your cannon stronger. When the bar is filled, it means you will meet the boss. If you win, you can move to the next level. Here at Ice Breaker, the ship shoots automatically. Your job is to navigate your ship to shoot at the target and avoid crashing into the boxes or the enemy’s ship. If you get hit or shot by enemies, you have to replay that level.

Clearing each level gives you some coins and you can use those coins to upgrade your ship’s Bullet Damage, Attack Speed, and Money Bonus. Upgrading is important. With your original ship without upgrading, you are not strong enough to destroy the enemy's ship. Remember that you don’t have to break all the boxes but you have to shoot down all enemy ships. Good luck and enjoy your free time here. Check out tons of amazing games on our site whenever you have time. Here are some options for you Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 and Beautiful Little Bat Escape.

How to play: Mouse.

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