Ice Cream Inc. GamePlay:

Cooling down in the hot summer with delicious ice cream. Start a plan to start a business, why not? You can get to work in Ice Cream Inc. – a fun ice cream making game at y8y8 game y8. Have a cool and fresh experience in this awesome game as your task is to make ice creams that must match with the order of each customer. It sounds as easy as pie and there is no challenge, but the truth is different from what you think. Why?

Because each customer orders a unique ice cream style and you will look at the customer's order to make the same ice cream cone. Then the system will compare your ice cream to the original one and the amount you will receive depends on the degree of similarity of 2 ice cream. On http://y8y8y8.games/, the request of the customer is quite rich and sometimes difficult to afternoon. Also, every ice cream stall has many different flavors that make people hesitate to choose.

Here, the customers all order 3 flavors at the same time and they all want the flavors on the ice cream to be in the order they requested. If not, what? Then the level of satisfaction goes down and that means fewer tips. The game has many different levels and in each level, you welcome a guest. Be ready as the game's challenge level increases as you level up.

Try to focus, observe and manipulate carefully to complete the order successfully. Check out different games on our site and some of the best ones for you are Save The Coal Miner and Block Craft


Use your mouse to make ice creams.

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