Emperors On Ice GamePlay:

The arctic ice is melting and the penguins are fighting for control of a vast area. Melting ice means the penguins' habitable land is shrinking. Penguins are fighting back enemies who want to invade their territory. In Emperors On Ice at Y8 free games, play as an elite penguin, you have to kill all enemies coming from all directions. Take orders from the commander, your mission that you have to finish right now is to defeat every single penguin enemy by using your ice launcher.

Plan a strategy, adjust the right angle and strength and shoot at each enemy standing afar. This is a turn-based shooting game, then if you miss, you give your enemy a chance to kill you. It’s not easy to shoot at the enemy at all because the terrain of the battlefield is extremely strange and it might be difficult for you to get used to fighting in such a place. It’s ok if you lose in the first level. From failure, you can improve your skill and have a better shot next time.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you should use the first shot as the testing shot to know where the iceball lands. Then, in the next shot, you use the track of the first shot to increase or decrease the strength and adjust the angle of the shot. As a result, your shot will be more accurate. One important thing you should keep in mind is that do not shoot at innocent penguins. Otherwise, you lose.

With each win, you can upgrade the Iceberg, Health, Buddy, and Damage to increase your power. Protect your land and fire at anyone who looks suspicious. Have a good day and have fun with other options such as Soldiers Combat and Crusader Defence.


Left click to aim and shoot.

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