Stickman Bridge GamePlay:

Stickman Bridge is an incredibly fun arcade game that has a simple concept and gameplay, but before you become a winner, you will fall several times. This is one of the latest games that arrive to unblocked Y8 games. Don’t miss any new games on our site. They are all hot games worth your time playing. About this game, you are brought to a running and building race in which you compete against other players.

Your main objective is to be the first one who crosses the finish line. To reach that goal, you have to quickly run around and gather the stickmen that have the same color as you. Try your best to gather as many stickmen as possible to build the highest stack of stickmen. By this, you can easily climb to the second floor. At there, you also collect stickmen to climb higher and reach the finish line.

With many stickmen that you have collected on the first floor, you will have less trouble on the 2nd floor; Therefore, it’s better to collect many stickmen right at the beginning. You will have more advantages. In this interesting game at https://y8y8y8.games/, don’t waste your time, don’t stop, even for a few seconds. One second matters. Only one second can make you lose. Just focus on collecting stickmen and make sure you avoid other players as well.

When you hit them, your stack will lose one stickman. You don’t have much time to start over. Then, be careful while running and collecting stickmen. Good luck and let’s count how many wins you have. Check out other amazing games on our site such as Round The Balls and Rope Cut and Boom.

Controls: Mouse to move.