Noob Bridge Challenge GamePlay:

A simple game to start! You need to jump from one glass to another until you jump to the ground. You will see a lot of surprises in the Noob Bridge Challenge online game. At the beginning of each level, you will see which glasses are ok and which are not. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually, so the first level will be easy, but after 4-5 levels the problems will come. Let's see how many levels you can pass in this combination of the game with this guy.

You and the guy will check the safety of the glass bridge and choose safe locations and move over it. When you reach the bridge, show the bold color of the glass you need to remember to start running across. We need to be careful so as not to lose our lives when passing. Test your memory when participating in the Noob Bridge Challenge online game at action games. That guy needs to take on a lot of tasks in this fascinating game. You will make the players interesting, with these new ways of playing the players will be very excited.

The gameplay is simple, you will move slowly and carefully to step over the safety glass bridge. The game trains players to be agile when moving, have clear minds, and have longer memory. We need to experience those things and relax more. How smart will you be? How much can your brain remember? All of that will be present in this extremely interesting game. How many challenges will the boy be challenged with and how many of those challenges will he overcome? It all depends on your ingenuity. All that fun will be in some other games such as Robot Ring Fighting and Quadcopter FX Simulator.

How to play: Use the mouse to play.

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