Hangman Challenge GamePlay:

Have you ever played the Hangman game before? This is a popular paper and pencil game in which you have to guess the right word to prevent the man from being hung. Let’s check an upgrade version of it at y8 fun games for kid with a puzzle game called Hangman Challenge. Like the traditional version, in this upgraded word game, you have to find out the word that each level requires by choosing all the letters to form that word from a set of the given letters.

Each puzzle has a theme such as ass fruit, animals, transports, and so on. Look at the theme and the number of letters of that word to narrow the answer. Every time you make a wrong choice, you lose a life and it means the hangman begins to appear, piece by piece. If he appears fully, you lose. One useful tip that you should apply is that choose the common letters first. The most used letters are e, a, o, and so on. Then from the right letters, you gradually reveal the other letters of that word.

Some words are easy to guess. You can give the right answer immediately, but some puzzles are hard. On http://y8y8y8.games/, play a certain level once again is normal. If you get stuck, you can use hints to have some ideas about the hidden word that you have to find out. This game doesn’t require you to solve a puzzle within a limited amount of time, so you can take your time to think and hopefully make the right choices.

Improve your English vocabulary and enjoy the relaxing experience at the same time. If you love puzzles, you should check out this option. It’s simple but enjoyable. You will love it and other games such as Sort Them All and Get The Girl.


Use your left click to choose the letters.

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