Get The Girl GamePlay:

Do you agree that sometimes the simple thing is the best? That’s why puzzle game is one of the most played genres ever. People come to our site and find puzzle games a lot. The game library at y8 unblocked is constantly being added with new games and Get The Girl is the latest puzzle game added that promises to give you great gaming experience.

The game is about a girl who is in danger and your mission is to help the boy rescue her and help them meet each other. Can you do that? The rule is simple. The boy and the girl are separated by pins. You simply pull out the pins to help the boy come to the girl. However, it sounds simple but is not just simple like that. There are so many dangerous things waiting for them. Pull out the pins in the right order is the key to conquer this game.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, by pulling out the right pins, you can destroy some dangerous creatures such as spiders, tigers, bears, and more. If you are wrong, the boy may become food for them or the boy can fall into the traps. In this game, you not only help this couple unite but also help the girl or the boy collect coins and open the treasure chests. For any purpose, they need to be safe.

Keep them safe from all obstacles and more. Coins can be used to unlock something special in the store. Breakthrough the difficulties and arrive at the girl waiting, that’s is it. Enjoy your time here and in other games such as Funny Rescue Gardener and Sort Them All.

How to play:

Pull out the pins using your mouse.

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