Mixed World GamePlay:

Mixed World is one of the best and amazing puzzle games at y8 unblocked 2 player. If you need to relax the mind, away from some stressful games and force you to be active such as action games or strategy games, then come to this funny puzzle game. Your objective here is to help the blue monster knock off the red monsters by using some abilities of other monsters. It means each monster has a special ability that can help the blue one complete the mission.

For example, the green monster has a long tongue, which can help the blue monster move from above platform to low platform and the purple one can jump up high. To finish the current level and unlock the next one, you have to knock off all red monsters and get at least one star.

If you spend too much time, you can’t get 3 stars. So try to solve the puzzle as fast as you can. On http://y8y8y8.games/, the later levels are more challenging than the previous ones. You have to think a lot and find out the best solution. Try to take full advantage of the ability of each monster to get the best result.

As you level up, more surprising things welcome you. There is in a total of 30 levels and you have 10 achievements to achieve. Click or tap on the star button and figure out what you have to do to get each one. Remember that many awesome games are waiting for you on our site. Check out Mine Coin Adventure 2 and Thank You Santa if you have free time.

How to play:

Click or tap to play the game.

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