Stunt Car Challenge 3 GamePlay:

Racing games are not easy to master the game. It requires you to put a lot of skills and efforts to conquer different tracks with different challenges. Here at y8 adventure games, there are so many options about racing and driving available for you to enjoy and you must have played several options, right? Now, let's put your driving skill to a new level with Stunt Car Challenge 3. Get ready before you launch the game because you may be amazed by the stunt tracks that you have to conquer.

The track is floating in the air, can you believe that. There is no barrier on both sides of the track. So if you just make a tiny mistake, you may fall to the ground. Nothing protects you here. You don't have to finish a certain track within a limited time so drive slowly to make sure you are not out of the road. Besides, make sure your car always in the middle of the road even though the road is narrow.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have 15 levels and the first level is unlocked while 14 levels are locked. You have to finish level 1 to unlock level 2 and so on. With each successful mission, you earn coins and you also collect coins along your way. Then you can use coins to unlock new cars. Warning: if you are afraid of height, you shouldn't play this game because you may get a heart attack when looking down from your car.

But if you love adventuring and conquer the challenging missions, this game is for you. Explore every feature of this game and enjoy it fully. Also, don't forget to discover other choices such as Parking Space Jam and Cars Paint 3D

How to play:

Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to brake and left click to choose.

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