Cars Paint 3D GamePlay:

Cars Paint 3D is a little fun game related to car and painting. 2 of these things seem not to go well with each other but no, this makes a great gaming experience. Here at Y8 strategy games 2020, you don’t have full control of your cars or other aspects in the game and you have to make all the cars in each level cover pain in their way completely without crashing to each other. If you think it’s too easy and simple, you are wrong. You can’t prevent the accident caused by your cars.

To clear each mission, you have to launch each car at the right time, so they won’t hit each other while the roads are completely covered by paint. Some first levels are easy and there is no challenging element here. However, as you level up, your mission becomes much difficult. Why? It’s because more cars will appear and the way becomes more complicated.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, controlling several cars at once is not easy at all. This car won’t hit that car but it may hit another car. If you are lucky enough, you can finish each level without hassles. Otherwise, you have to play a certain level several times. However, you can learn from failure. You can determine the time better. Launch each car sooner or later compared to the previous time to succeed. By doing that, you can solve the problem.

This is a simple hyper-casual game but insanely addictive that keeps you hooked for a long time. Think logically and adjust the time to conquer every single level here. Easy to play but hard to master, this is everything that an enjoyable game should have. After that, don’t forget to play other games such as Mini Cart Racing and Parking Space Jam.

How to play:

Click or tap to launch a car each time.

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