Parking Space Jam GamePlay:

People prefer to use personal vehicles rather than public transportation. As a result, parking lots are full of cars. You may have been in trouble when trying to get your car out of a parking lot. In Parking Space Jam, you have to find the best solution for this problem. At 2 player games y8, this is a game related to cars but it’s not a driving game, parking game, or racing game. It’s all about saving the vehicles stuck in the parking lot filled with cars.

Your main mission is to lead each driver to get out of the parking lot safely without crashing into anything. It's just like you solve a puzzle. You must identify the first vehicle that you need to take it out of the parking lot. Once you succeed, you can free the second, the third, and more cars. This means that the first car is the key. You should keep in mind that you don’t have any hints or supports here. You must rely on yourself to complete each level.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, once you clear the current stage, the next one will be unlocked. However, as the game processes, the puzzles become more challenging. You have to observe to find the answer. It’s so annoying when you are late to work but your car is blocked by other cars in the parking lot. Don’t let the helplessly waiting drivers wait too long. Help them get out of there safely with your guidance.

Direct them to exit one by one. You are not easy to get bored here because more than 50 levels are waiting for you ahead. How much time do you need to conquer all of them? Test yourself here and in other choices of games such as Real MTB Downhill 3D and Mini Cart Racing.

How to play:

Swipe or use your left click to play.

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