Extreme Truck Parking GamePlay:

Another parking game arrives at y8 games unblocked. Do you want to deal with new challenges? Extreme Truck Parking puts you in a challenging parking mission in which you have to park a track in the marked parking lot. As its name, you have to park the truck accurately. Otherwise, you can’t unlock the next levels. You don’t have to go from the start to finish within a limited time. However, you should finish each level as fast as you can.

Try your best to finish each level and earn rewards. Then you can use coins from the rewards to unlock new truck models. Yes, you will have a chance to put your hands on the best truck models ever. It’s easy to park, especially if you aren’t good at driving but if you are a good driver, this game is as easy as cake. On http://y8y8y8.games/, there are tons of choices on this genre. It varies in gameplay, graphics, control mechanism, and game modes but each of them is sure to give you a great gaming time.

Besides, by playing different options, you can find out your favorite one. You can compare them in gameplay and other aspects. You can find many options and bookmark them as the favorite for sure. Like other games, you will find the game harder as you level up. No one knows what awaits you. You have to find yourself and you will be surprised every time.

You always know that our site doesn’t have only this game, right? So make sure you browse our collection of games and explore the ones you like. If you are too lazy to find, let’s check out the following options: Stunt Car Challenge 3 and Water Car Stunt Racing.

How to play:

Click on the buttons or use WASD to drive.

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