Titan Swamp Attack GamePlay:

Titan Swamp Attack is a combination of the endless runner and fighting game in which your mission is to run as far as possible and survive as long as you can while kicking enemies to kill them. Here at Y8 games online, you can choose from 3 characters: Robb, Cyborg, and Robbhunter. Each of them has a different set of stats including life, damage, and speed. You can upgrade these stats using coins that you collect from kill enemies.

Defeat enemies mean saving your life. If you don’t kill them, they will kill you before you can make a move. Enemies will come from all directions and you have to defend yourself carefully if you don’t want to lose any HP. In the beginning, it’s easy to defeat enemies. However, as time passes, enemies who are equipped with weapons will appear and attack you from afar. You have to deal with enemies from the left and right side, face robots flying in the air and enemies attack you from afar. It is hard to defend and attack at the same time.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, during the battle, you can collect some power-ups that boost your stats for a while. You should make use of those items to defeat enemies effectively and go further. The game ends when you run out of HP. Upgrading is the key to fight better and run further. So you should focus on upgrading your stats whenever you have enough money.

Make sure you’re always ready because you will handle more challenges as you advance and you meet a big boss when the time comes. Be well-prepared and enjoy your time here and in other games such as Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters and Kingdom Defense Chaos Time.

Controls: WAD to move and jump. Left-click to attack.

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