Squidly Game 123 Stop GamePlay:

Squidly Game 123 Stop is inspired by Red Light Green Light – a popular survival game nowadays. You are the last contestant to join this competition and your number is 458. Your only main goal is to become the last one who survives. At Y8 games, to reach the goal, you have to move and stop at the right moment under the supervision of a giant robot doll and several bodyguards holding the gun. A match lasts only 1 minute and within that amount of time, you have to try your best to cross the finish line without being eliminated by the bodyguards.

The giant robot doll will call out a command and when she turns around, you have to stop. If you move and the red light scan the whole arena to discover that you move, the bodyguard will shoot you. Stop right away when the robot doll finishes her command. Rushing and being reckless will only cost you your life. You can’t fool the robot doll and the bodyguards. Therefore, to survive and move to the next round, you have to be sneaky and follow the rules.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, only move when the doll turns her back to you and stop when you guys face to face. To know better when to stop and move, you look at the bar at the top of the screen. When it’s about to be filled, it’s time to stop. You shouldn’t run toward when that bar is completely full.

Keep it in your mind and nothing can stop your way from crossing the finish line and entering the next level. Break a leg and make sure you discover our game categories to play in your free time. Our suggestions for you are MazeX and Fourtris Saving Pigs.

Controls: Mouse to move toward.