MazeX GamePlay:

The theme of escaping from the maze is popular and many games are created with this theme. You can find many options at Y8y8 and MazeX is one of them. This is a classic game about cars where you have to find a way to get out of the maze at each level. However, you won’t drive. What you do is drag and pull the car in the right direction to reach the marked spot. You don’t have to reach this goal within a given time.

However, time is counted. Whether you perform the task fast or slow, it does not affect the result. Before taking action, you should observe the labyrinth first and draw the way in advance in your mind. Coins are scattered on the way. Try to collect as many coins as possible to unlock new cars although the new cars don’t have anything special. Besides coins, you also collect some power-ups such as Shield, 2x multiplier, and Magnet.

Shields are used to protecting you from dangers that appear everywhere in the labyrinth. 2x multiplier will double your coins and Magnet will suck all coins nearby. On https://y8y8y8.games/, although the effects of these items don't last long, they are very useful. Make use of them and you will have a better experience. Each level is a challenge and the challenging level increases as you advance. Watch out for the spikes and other traps.

Once you crash into any of those obstacles, your car will explode. Get ready and start discovering several mysterious labyrinths. Enjoy your time here and in other games such as Fourtris Saving Pigs and Flying Mufic.

How to play: Use your mouse to drag your car.

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