TombR.io GamePlay:

TombR.io is an online multiplayer io game which is playable on y8 games play online. The goal is to become the most powerful magician on the map and  of course to hit the top row of the leaderboard. You need to destroy other players to level up. Battle against real players online. Kill bots and other players. How long you can survive, how strong you are.

To enter the game at http://y8y8y8.games/, you need to enter your nickname and select a character. Without a selected Persian you will not be allowed to play. Characters are selected by clicking. After the battle, you need to complete the HP. Go to the bushes, from which fruits are flying in all directions, which health and replenish. Do not fight even with a low-ranking character if you do not have HP. Attack only when you are confident of victory, and you will do everything to Tombre!

In addition, we also suggest giving players some other archery games similar to this game like Dogar.net and Sword.io. Get ready for a new war and become the greatest hero in history. 


Use the WASD to move

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