Speedy Paws GamePlay:

Speed Paws is an enjoyable hypercasual running game featuring a cute cat. This cat is in trouble. It needs to go through a wide range of deadly obstacles to reach the finish line safely. It’s really hard to pass those traps because the cat has only 3 lives. Each time it hits an obstacle, it loses one life and it can’t earn more lives while running. The cat won’t auto-run ahead like other running games at y8y8y8 action games. It means you can control it to stop or run as you want.

You should stop before any obstacles to make sure it’s safe to pass them. With only one little mistake, your cat wastes a life. Speed is not important but accuracy is essential. Time your action to help the cat pass every single obstacle safely. Those obstacles can be seesaws, spikes, gaps, rotating trays, punch machines, and so on. They work differently. They have their own way to stop the cat. While running ahead, the cat can collect coins and gems. However, don’t pay too much attention to them.

You even don’t need to pick up them. Just leave them behind and stay focused on your target which is to cross the finish line. It’s challenging right from level 1. You should be ready because the later levels are much more difficult. You may fail several times before you can clear a level. The point is don’t give up and keep trying until you succeed. After this Y8y8y8 running game, why don’t you try out other cool options like Balance Tower and Subway FPS. Besides, make sure you regularly visit our site to enjoy the latest additions. Have fun!

How to play: Arrow keys to move and Space to jump.

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