Dust Buster.io GamePlay:

Not everyone likes to clean their house. Household chores always make people tired but the game about cleaning named Dust Buster.io at Y8Y8 game Y8 will help you relieve stress. It brings you to a cleaning battle where everyone tries to suck everything the become the king of the vacuum cleaner. This game will turn a household chore into an interesting and competitive game.

Within 1 minute 25 seconds, you have to try your best to suck all objects on the map to size up. As you grow in size, you can suck the bigger items, even the cleaners that are smaller than you. However, make sure you stay far away from the bigger ones to avoid being sucked. You can see your rank in the leaderboard in the upper right corner of the screen.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, the game offers two modes including Online mode where you fight against other online players, and Offline mode where you play freely without competitiveness. Play online mode is much more enjoyable than offline mode because you will meet different opponents each round and you can defeat them by sucking them if you are big enough. The game also has 15 cool-designed cleaners for you to unlock. To get the new cleaner, you have to reach achievement and you can check out the requirement on the shop.

For example, you will get the Viking cleaner when you reach level 3 or the hockey cleaner when you suck 500 people. Those missions are quite easy and you can finish them all by spending your time playing. Having fun and many great games are waiting for you to discover here. Poke.io and Agario.one are two of the best options that you should have a try.

Controls: Use your mouse to move the cleaner.

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