Cube The Runners GamePlay:

Play one of the most exciting and challenging action games at y8y8y8 2 player games. Cube The Runners welcomes you with 4 different worlds, a cast of cute characters and unimaginable challenges. Have a deep breath and ready to hop in an endless track without barrier. Your animal is easy to fall down if you aren’t careful. Be ready to deal with a bunch of obstacles and dangerous traps. Some of them suddenly appear that make you may not be able to respond.

To start the game, you choose a cute pet and a world to begin your journey. When it counts to 1, your character automatically moves forward, and your mission is to click or tap to make it hop, turn or jump over the obstacles. Each course in each world brings different dangers that you are unable to guess what they are. Basically, you need to take action at the right moment to help your character turn left or right to avoid falling down, jump over the gaps, waterfalls and moving blades and more.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, your goal is to gain as many points as possible so make sure to stay alert all the time to deal with something coming up. Test your skill and have a great gaming moment in this interesting game. You even can invite your friend to play together and find out who is the better hopper with 2 player mode.

It sounds fun, doesn’t it? Try hard, discover all beautiful worlds and conquer all courses full of obstacles. Enjoy! Experience more games available on our site such as Slalom Ski Simulator and Snowman Swimming 

How to play:

Hop/jump/turn by tapping or clicking.

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