Hexagame.io GamePlay:

Welcome to an epic multiplayer online io game. Hexagame.io is a fierce battle for territory. Here at y8 2 player games, there is no friend. Everyone is an enemy of each other. Whether you win or lose, it depends on your action. So what do you need to do? Your main goal is to take as much land as possible by fighting against other players without using weapons. You move on an extensive map made up of small hexagons.

As you move, you draw a line and you need to close it back to your existing territory. It just likes you to draw a shape. All hexagons inside the line that you draw will turn to your land and this area has the same color as yours. You should keep in mind that you can grab enemy land and they can do the same thing to you.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you also have to be careful because if one of your enemies step on your line, you die. It’ better to watch your back and don’t draw a huge shape. Just make a small one each time. Slow but solid may be the best strategy to survive. However, you can take the chance to touch the enemy’s line to eliminate them.

The game allows you to change the skin and as you level up, more awesome skins will be unlocked. Control your lovely character move around the huge map and turn it into your land now. Have fun. Don’t forget to check out more games on our site. Some of them are Spaceguard.io and Paint.io Teams.


Move around by using your mouse.

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