Idle Pet Business GamePlay:

Idle Pet Business is a fun new game that you can play here on y8 games online 2 player. We'd just want to invite you to continue taking over a cat or dog store and continue to expand it to become the largest in the country. Have you previously found myself wondering what it's like to be a real estate mogul pet store tycoon? Individuals can now!

In the game, you should then expand your pooch shop from a small patch of land to a multi-billionaire conglomerate pet empire. Care for pets to earn coins. Unlock various pets to earn more coins. Consider upgrading your pets to increase your yield. Are you going offline? Don't worry, the pet industry works for YOU! While you are away, start generating idle income and bring it back to see how much visitors earned.


- Beautiful pet store themed graphics. Take care of cats, dogs, goldfish, tortoises, hamsters, parrots and more!

- Activate social media to boost your pet store earnings

- Flip your pet store and prestige by finding investors to acquire your pet store

- Responsive gameplay that works on all device forms and sizes

Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game to get a lot of fun together. You can enjoy more of what is in other similar games like 2048 Ball Buster


Grow your pet store empire

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